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What is the meaning of Olwen?

It means the footsteps of happiness or more specifically, it also means everywhere you go, you will find happiness.
Happiness – it is the word that Olwen Team always looks for, discover and protect.

We look for happiness in every single little thing in daily life by capturing moments when couples walking hand in hand on the beach at dawn, or giving each other a loving look or a tight hug on mountainside at sunset.

Each day goes by, from the moment we first heard all the moving love stories from you guys, our journey to discover different types of happiness and stages of love had been begun with our artistic eyes.

We have found out some really interesting kinds of love such as: the long distance love with a lot of fond remembrance, the love when people live apart from each other but finally can find a way to get back to their true partners, or simply just a normal love when people meet up and fall in love naturally.
We are photographers, make-up artists, graphic designers who devote our youth, enthusiasm and passion to create a lovely home together with loads of emotions and excellent works. We hope when you come visit us, you will be able to feel right at home and comfortable enough to recognize that our little cozy home-over the years- had been through so much precious happy moments.


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