Nice words from Duy
“The couple from Australia”

Nice words from Duy

If you ask me for a recommendation for your photography/video/hair & make -up on your wedding day, that would be Olwen Studio (The owner is a lovely couple: Phuong & Toan Nguyen Nho).

They work not only in Vietnam but also in Australia. Olwen Studio did everything for us including shooting photos, making videos, doing hair and make-up when we took photos outside, in the church, at our home and on our wedding day. I was very satisfied with them because of their professional working style. Although we discussed about our wedding from a far distance but Phuong and her team were very thoughtful, active and enthusiastic which made everything much easier. To be honest, I do not get paid for saying these good things about them, but I am completely happy with what they did for us so I think I should write something to show how grateful I am. After the wedding, I have more brothers, sisters and friends from Olwen which is amazing. Do not forget that Olwen also works in Australia. Pick up your phone and call them now because they are often fully booked. And do not worry about the price because you get what you pay for.

Source : Facebook Olwen studio 
Original Language : Vietnamese