Nice words from Nhat Ha
“Finally, I choosen Olwen”

Nice words from Nhat Ha

Finally, I choosen Olwen .

I do not affirm that Olwen is the studio that shoots the most beautiful photos or does the most beautiful make-up, but from my own experience Olwen suits me the best. They chose the most suitable wedding dress and did the best make-up for me. They also had a unique shooting style. I started looking for a studio about 6 months ago and finally I chose Olwen because of their natural and elegant shooting style with not overusing photoshop. I trusted Olwen to do everything for me including taking pre-wedding photos, doing make-up on my wedding day and filming wedding videos. After all I am totally happy with my choice. Mr. Nhat who took pre-wedding photos for me helped us a lot to pose. In the middle of the shooting day, my high heels were suddenly damaged. Mr. Nhat and the driver were so keen on fixing them despite the fact that I brought 2 more pairs. I had my make-up done by two different make-up artists but they both did a good job which made me look much younger and natural. Mr. Quoc and Mr. Trung took wedding photos for us. When me and my husband received original photos, we were both very surprised because they were all amazing. The night before the wedding I had a small problem (maybe I was unlucky) but Olwen helped me to solve it properly. They were very flexible and responsible which made me feel a lot more comfortable. I hope Olwen will still remain the same working style in the future and not be blended with other studios. After my wedding, many friends of mine decided to choose Olwen for their wedding plans. I wish Olwen Team health and prosperity to be able to make more brides happy in the most important day of their lives.

Source : Facebook Olwen studio
Original language : Vietnamese