Nice words from Thao
“The couple from Hanoi”

Nice words from Thao

Before we found Olwen, we actually had taken our wedding album in a famous studio in Hanoi. We conducted so many researches and invested a lot of time and money in the album. Unfortunately the photos did not meet our expectation. Because we were not happy, we decided to look for another studio. We flew to Da Nang to meet Olwen Team even the wedding day was very close which was only in 4 weeks. We did not have much time plus we lived far away so we were stressed out. Phuong understood that so she talked to me a lot and listened to my thoughts carefully which made me feel more comfortable. When Olwen sent me the price list, I was pretty surprised because it was much cheaper than other studios. The best thing happened when we started taking photos. All I could say was: ‘’Oh my God, it is super comfortable and relaxing’’. I had a completely different experience compared to the first one in Hanoi. Everyone in the team including photographer, assistant, make-up artist, and driver took such a good care of us. They took us to breakfast, tea, lunch and back to the hotel so we did not feel tired at all. At first we received 4000 photos from Olwen. We spent hours and hours to look at them without getting bored. According to the contract we could only choose 80 photos but after many times, we still wanted 220 photos. Everything was done in a short time but Olwen still did a good job. All my family and friends gave us awsome compliments when seeing the photos.
I cannot thank Olwen enough for helping us to make an incredible wedding album which will last a lifetime.

Source : Olwen Studio
Original language : Vietnamese