“Except for my parents, I can not find anyone else who loves me more than you”

There are many people who think that “love” means enjoying the good of the other person and love must always be selfish and possessive. But for me, “love” like that is very boring. Because I think, no matter how interesting we are, how good we are, these interesting things will get monotonous when we have understood each other for a long time. And among so many new options, the best things will be overshadowed. So does possessiveness, binding is never a protective rope for the love of two people. To me, “love” implies many things: love, protection, yielding, worry for the other and tolerance to accept all the bare, ugly of each other.

8 years together, I feel our emotion completely the word “Love”. Each year we welcome the anniversary of love in which our happiness is fulfilled. What a blessing because there is too much love of 9 years or 10 years broken, and the monument of happiness collapsed one after another. When people have too many reasons to doubt love, we still love each other even more loving than the first day. It is so happy that on every big occasion in life, I am always with you.

I thought it would be easy to find someone stands by me when I was happy, but to find someone who listens to my complains, who tolerate when I am wrong and irritable that is really hard. But I have found you, no matter how angry I am, you still keep calm so that my love for you will always come before my anger. Instead of arguing to release stress, you prefer thinking of my feelings, suppressing anger to yield, soothe me, show me the wrong with the most gentle attitude. It is you who is the only one with me when I started up my business, overcome difficulties, lifted me up when I was disappointed. And I believe, a person who “loves” me so completely is the one who deserves to go with me for a lifetime.