Da Nang prewedding of Duyen & Khoa by Quoc Tran
“Love a boring guy”

Da Nang prewedding of Duyen & Khoa by Quoc Tran

Loving a boring guy !

Loving a boring guy makes my heart broken sometimes because I am not a girl who is in love with gallantry and sweet words, just being together day after day in my love. At that time, I was still childish and loved strange things so when I stay so long in my comfort zone making me feel bored and makes comparisons and I have many stupid questions whenever I look at other couples. Why are those couples so happy and romantic, their lover is so thoughtful, gallant, and my love is not like that? I feel so jealous.

Now I just realized that the water once flowing deep would not make a sound. Human emotions once deep will also appear frugally. The one who loves you with all his heart, will not be the noisy person showing off you to the whole world even impossible to give you a marriage proposal with candles and flowers as you wish. But in every moment of your life, he will always love you in the most simple and profound way that nobody besides you can do. He loves you more than all words, he loves you with his feelings enough that when you get a light cough, he immediately adjusts the air-conditioner because he is fear that your health would be worse. He loves you so much so he can feel how hurtful you are whenever your eyes are starting to blush and he doesn’t hesitate to cuddle you. He may not be good at expressing his emotions, but he is willing to listen to your tears and have never let you suffer alone. He also loves you so much, no matter how angry you shout, how upset you are with him, how many times you ask to leave, he still persistently holds your hand, being with you without ever getting angry and no once he returns to you. He may not be good at expressing emotions, but he is the one who understands your feelings best and makes your thunderstorm calm.

After all, life is always not easy for everyone so love sometimes goes wrong way obviously. But fortunately, there is always a person who is volunteered to stay with me until the end, though he is a boring guy but sincere, I honestly appreciate it.

From Olwen with love