Ha Noi The wedding of Hung & Duong by Olwen Team
“We love you”, or “I love you”

Ha Noi The wedding of Hung & Duong by Olwen Team

“We love you”, or “I love you”. It said that these sayings are hardly spoken in our modern society, nowadays because even though how much you love someone, you rarely show it off, you tend to save it in your heart. I am a person who writes down these words by myself still feel pretty awkward when I say or express my feelings with my parents. I only expose it through my diary or post it on social media. But everything changes over time, I don’t realize that the more mature I am, the braver I have to say out loud that “I love my parents so much”. Perhaps, since I am going through life as a parent, having my own family, and trying to put food on the table. I can feel and understand the parents’ miseries and difficulties. That is why I want to say to them that how much I love them every single day. Therefore, Olwen is so honored to witness and save these sacred moments about your feelings for your parents honestly. That makes every photo the most sacred and beautiful piece of art when the photographers enjoy their photos. Thus, Olwen constantly says that “the photographer is alive on each customer’s story” that is always consisted of our work. From all our Olwen team’s love, we thank you Brother Hưng and Sister Dương who allow us to contribute a little work to your important day.

From Olwen with love