The pre – wedding of Loc & Ngan  by Nguyen Nho Toan
“Love, sunrise and sunset at ancient temples in Bagan, Myanmar”

The pre – wedding of Loc & Ngan by Nguyen Nho Toan

It is not easy for us to express our emotions when we went to Bagan, Myanmar because you probably have to see it by your own eyes to feel the miracle in this land. We still remember clearly how hard it was to fight against the restless sleep when we had to get up at 3am and hit the road in darkness. The moon was still hanging in the sky at that time. And I also could never forget the feelings to put our bare feet on cold stairs to grove the way up the top in order to find a perfect spot for shooting sunrise photos. The moment when we contemplated the first light of dawn was absolutely fabulous and emotional. We took photos without stopping for one second because we were scared that beautiful moment will fade away quickly. Then all of sudden, numerous hot-air balloons were flying up the sky and quickly accompanied by sunlight, which created a completely breathtaking view like in a fairy tale. After that, we continually walked along the paths decorated by dense tall trees around the temples. We would claim that you could easily take a random beautiful picture at any stop that was even much greater than our expectation. If you asked us to choose between sunrise and sunset to pick up a more beautiful moment, we are afraid we cannot. There is a unique beauty at each particular time. Sunrise would be the starting moment of a day with vibration, and sunset would be the proper time for peace, tranquility and relaxation. Local people in Bagan looked very friendly and laid-back when they walked cows or rode horses back home after a long day of serving tourists. The whole village slowly immersed in sunset. We firmly believe that all the description that we grabbed during the trip cannot be enough for you to imagine and feel the beauty of this land, so please have a look at our photos to see fully depicted scenes. We assume that you may want to go visit there with us one day. If you plan to go to Bagan, please feel free to contact with us because with our wonderful experiences there, we will surely be able to make your album extraordinary and perfect.

From Olwen with love!