The prewedding Julie & Dima by Nguyen Nho Toan

The prewedding Julie & Dima by Nguyen Nho Toan

Some of us shall go through a time called disillusioned. It is the time when we feel that our dream path just leads to nowhere. We feel all empty inside and have no ideas about what we desire for. We just keep looking and craving other people’s fabulous worlds but knowing how to manage to get out of the mire under our feet. Deadlock, being stuffy, suspicion, feeling lost! We just live temporarily like that, just leave it for a passive life then never stop questioning ourselves about where we will be tomorrow. Giving up everything? Stepping out of the safe zone to look for something new? DO YOU DARE?

‘’When you get stuck in your youth, a trip will solve everything.’’ Julie and Dima made a bold decision- starting a far journey together. On that day, their souls weren’t grey anymore. They saw a beautiful and hopeful sky. They saw radiant sunlight which was full of energy. They did enjoy a precious youth that they left behind and believed in Olwen as a companion who helped them save their own colors during the searching journey. Your life is like a various color palette. Just don’t paint your soul with monotone color palette. If you ever feel bored, desperate, don’t hesitate to change yourself. The journey of self-discovery is a hard one but extremely happy. Let Olwen be your companion and help you save all the precious moments in your life!