The prewedding of Chloe & Wesley by Nguyen Nho Toan 
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The prewedding of Chloe & Wesley by Nguyen Nho Toan 

It is said that as we grow older, we should be more cautious about everything. Especially, when it comes to love, we should choose wisely. I used to say that to myself but when love came to me, I did not think it was true anymore because every guess and obstacle became useless. When my husband proposed to me I said yes with ease. At that time, I did not even know if it was the right choice but I knew that sometimes the heart wants what it wants. I received love naturally as I thought that a love story is like four seasons in a year. The early stage of love is like spring. It is the time for blooming flowers but also time for bugs to come out. The love at this stage is exceedingly beautiful but people also get to know each other’s differences and try to accept and move on together. Then summer time is the time to consolidate love. When autumn comes, leaves change colour which means your relationship is changing too. The differences between you guys become increasingly apparent and you have to deal with them. Probably the most difficult stage of love is like wintertime. It is the toughest time for plants. Leaves start falling off trees which is like couples trying to survive a long distance relationship. Relationship will become more stable when you overcome challenges together. After experiencing all different stages of love, I think love is a choice itself. It will emit signal to the right person. That is why there is no need to be anxious in love. Let it come naturally and just accept it like experiencing four seasons in a year.

From Olwen with love!