The prewedding of Cuong & An by Nguyen Nho Toan
“Forgiveness in love”

The prewedding of Cuong & An by Nguyen Nho Toan

Love is not about showing off, it is about compromise and sacrifice. Live for each other is more difficult than die for each other. Love is something alive. The longer we live our lives in love, we start to understand each other in ways that will overcome any obstilces that life brings.  We think about the people we love before thinking about ourselves because we always want the best for them. Perfect love is not about finding a perfect person. It is about becoming better for each other. A person who truly loves you will forgive all your faults and also change for the better. But in order to understand someone we need time to feel. We will forever treasure our love for each other because it would be too great sacrifice for us to be apart. 

From Olwen with love!