The prewedding of Dan Thanh & Benjamin by Nguyen Nho Toan
“Predestined Affinity”

The prewedding of Dan Thanh & Benjamin by Nguyen Nho Toan

A place which provides service, a customer who uses service’’ but somehow in the bride Dan Thanh’s eyes, it is called predestined affinity. Among many good feedbacks sent to us by Dan Thanh we feel very emotional when our meeting was called predestined affinity. We would like to public a little bit of the beautiful bride’s feedbacks:

‘’ I was told about Olwen by a wedding planner but I honestly just didn’t care at that time. Then one day, some pictures of Olwen incidentally appeared on my Facebook and I felt interested right from that moment. That is the reason why I really think that our predestined infinity had already existed before. It was just at the right time so I came to Olwen to get advices. After a few minutes talking online, I was given a lot of enthusiastic consultancy so I decided to chose Olwen to make my wedding album. I live and work in Sai Gon but eventually I chose a studio in Da Nang to make my wedding album in Phu Yen where I was born and grew up. The most special thing was Olwen had never been to Phu Yen before but I still completely trusted them. After a few days of taking photos I was sent the original photos and I felt absolutely satisfied, although earlier people said that I was so crazy. However after all, it does not matter. I am now so proud of my craziness because thanks to it and thanks to Olwen team, Phu Yen looked very different and unique. I would probably say the album is the best images of Phu Yen among many albums I have seen. I would like to send my sincere thank you to Olwen for bringing me the very first and probably the only wedding service in the most amazing way. I will be a crazy fan of Olwen forever’’

From Olwen with love!