The prewedding of Hanh & Phuong by Quoc Tran
“The love movement”

The prewedding of Hanh & Phuong by Quoc Tran

What would happen if everything stops moving? All flows will stop flowing into the river. The river will not be able to rush into the sea and the sea will become a dead sea without the waves hitting the shore. Plants will not be able to continue providing oxygen for humans to breathe. And we will die if the heart stops beating. That means everything in this world needs to move to be able to survive counting love.

Movement is the breath of love. Who has been in love, must have gone through a period called “sick of love”. That’s when suddenly not feeling happy, both felt like they no longer wanted to hear each other. None of them are eager to do anything, just waiting for” What will come will come”. Many people mistakenly think that it is a peaceful relationship. But in fact, it contains the most intense submarine waves, strong enough to sweep away the long-standing efforts. Many people feel miserable when they have to argue or anger with their lover, husband or wife. But that is a sign that the relationship is still “alive”. When we are angry means we still care. When we quarrel over conflicting points of view, it means that we also have a desire to reconcile to find common ground. That is when we begin to learn to understand, learn to put ourselves in the position of the opponent, try to change to match together and find new and interesting things together, … That is also a movement. Love can unexpectedly appear on a beautiful day, but to keep it in love, it takes a lot of effort. The condition of alive is that we have to “breathe” and so is love, If you want to have a healthy love, your love needs to be fulfilled and it must come from both sides.