The prewedding of Hung & Minh by Nguyen Nho Toan
“The days of long-distance love”

The prewedding of Hung & Minh by Nguyen Nho Toan

It is said that life is too narrow to be happy but there is always space for loneliness. Sadly, all of us have at least once in our lives, we spent a very long time immersed in the lonlely that no one can share. People ask me the reason of lonely. It is accepted to feel “ lonely” with my friends who have no lover but I already have a lover, why do I feel lonely? But I think being single is free, not binding, it can’t be called loneliness. And love someone but being so far away from that person, it is impossible to be together, that’s the most lonely feeling.

I used to stand on an unfamiliar street in the middle of a strange country, people of different skin colors were glimpsed through me even an appearance like you, I still could not see. There are many times I have imaged that I just need someone who is familiar with you passing by would make my nostalgia rush and my heart will be beating so much just because of missing. Yet we can only look at each other and hear each other through the phone screen. But for those who are having long-distance love, the call seems never enough, not enough to say all the love, not warm enough with a hug despite being silent. I had always wished I could stand in front of you and say “I miss you” but it was too difficult. Time is like a challenge, every day passes even though I am trying to get busier, but the nostalgia is always there, making me anxious to count down every moment, every second to look forward to the day I come back.

And finally, after so much waiting, it’s time for us to meet again. Finally, I was able to break my emotions and was able to stand in front of you, saying, “I really miss you”. People cannot know how much they miss when the other is not far away, they also don’t know how lonely they would be without the other person. So even though loneliness is extremely uncomfortable, I still believe that I owe that time a thanks …

From Olwen with love!