The prewedding of Nhi & Khanh by Nguyen Nho Toan
“Nhi’s sharing”

The prewedding of Nhi & Khanh by Nguyen Nho Toan

I still remembered very clearly, I knew Khanh at university. Like every other girl, the time at university was the greatest time in my life. Me and Khanh first met in the school library and during that most fabulous period, he made me feel the kind of love that I had always wished for. He was such a generous man who was always torlerant and altruistic. I never found anyone who could encourage my strengths and torlerate my weaknesses that much. We experienced the hardest time when we had to be separated because Khanh moved half a world away. However, by seeing how hard he tried for our live, I told myself to appreciate and love this man more and more. And when the worst catastrophe happened to my life, inwas absolutely desolate and hopeless. It was Khanh who left his study, his ambition, even his own future to come back for me and stay with me with me through all the ups and downs. One more time, he deeply made me understand that love is sacrifice. We had experienced every emotional sate together so when it came gi marrying, wedding photos was the thing that mattered the most. We really wanted to see our love and our stories in photos so we chose to put our faith in Olwen teM because we know that they are capable of rewriting our love story in a wonderful wedding album. We are so happy and emotional when reading Nhi’s story. Your beliefbis such a great motivation for us to complete your emotional album. We truly hope you guys will always give eCh other such a proud look when you talk about your story like you do right now. Let yourself feel proud of your wonderful love!

From Olwen with love!