The prewedding of Thao Le & Dinh Luan by Nguyen Nho Toan
“Love as the soil”

The prewedding of Thao Le & Dinh Luan by Nguyen Nho Toan

If I were chosen again, I still would not choose to love someone like a vine which is together all the time and can’t stand the feeling of leaving each other. I want to choose to love someone as the soil which is boundless, endurable, simple and peaceful waiting for the sower coming.

I start refusing the” manacle” of my relationship and learn how not to make myself a dependent in love after some love-affairs, Instead of pursing and trying my best to keep someone by my side like a living vine entwined around a tree, I would rather be the peaceful soil. Being peaceful to stand firm there, do not follow anything because it is said that any kind of soil will have a suitable seed to sprout. I choose to survive on my own so that love can knock the door of my heart rather than rely on a vine waiting for a tree rising. Like a good soil with a lot of nutrients, many people will choose to bring the seed to sow and so do you. If you are good enough, the right person will appear. I also hope that I am as resilient as the soil, through many sowing and plowing times to make the soil better and still keep the faith despite how many separations as well as the soil has never refused the seeds through the seasons. Love is like a piece of soil. It seems to be easy but how appreciation it is!