The prewedding of Trang & Charly by Nguyen Nho Toan

The prewedding of Trang & Charly by Nguyen Nho Toan

Darling, do you want to play a small game with me? It will be fun
This game is very easy, you just need to answer “yes” or “no”. Shall we start?

1.    Do you remember where we first met?
2.   Do you remember how clumsy and confused I was when finding the way from Paris to Le Havre?
3.    Do you remember how terrible my French was when I first spoke to you?
4.   Do you remember before you met me, you once said “no” to marriage?
5.   Do you remember that we dreamt of kissing each other every morning, hugging each other every night when we are 70 years old? And how happy you would be then as you changed your intention and proposed to me?

Oh you don’t need to answer all those questions because I know you will say “yes” anyway. Why do I know that? Because you are looking at me with love, you are holding my hand so tight like holding your destiny and because we living one life for the two of us.

When I first started my new life in this country, I asked my self questions about culture, cuisine, streets or French lifestyle, I only had one answer: “no”.  The day I met you in the bus to Le Havre, I didn’t even know anything about streets or cities. I was completely lost in the crowd around me and in my life. I’ve been so grateful for your help at that time. You showed me the direction to Le Havre and even gave me your phone number in case I got lost somewhere. I’ve been so grateful for your listening, sharing and support when we met after that. Then later on, when I asked myself if considered this country as my second home, I happily said “yes” because you are my home.

It is so weird that a stranger can make us change our mindset, personality and even life plan.  What is more incredible is that person can love us and make us feel loved more than what we could imagine.

You once said “no” to marriage but then you changed your mind because you wanted a chance to make me feel happy every single day. I also tried very hard to practice French because I wanted to communicate with you and understand you more than just some normal daily conversations. The distance between “yes” and “no” is love. In the future, we will have to make many “yes”-“no” decisions but it just doesn’t matter because we already made the most important decision in our lives. We said “yes” to love each other until…forever.