The prewedding of Yuri & Hogil by Nguyen Nho Toan
“Your love will be like big tree”

The prewedding of Yuri & Hogil by Nguyen Nho Toan

I hope your love will be like a big tree with strong roots because in spite of storms and changes it will still be strong, sincere and gentle to provide shades. They say if your love is like a tree it is boring. But you know what, sometimes when it is stormy out there, all wee need is a shady sky and a tree to lean on and share our worries. No matter how far we go, we will just miss the tree which is still waiting for us. That kind of love is the combination of respect and mutual understanding. It is the most pecious emotion so please love like a tree. I finally understand that the most sincere things will be repaid properly. After many raining and boiling days, we all love going back to the cool shade, listen to the wind and taste sweet fruits with someone we love.

From Olwen with love!