The prewedding Van Anh & Thanh Tung by Nguyen Nho Toan
“Always like the first day”

The prewedding Van Anh & Thanh Tung by Nguyen Nho Toan

I want to sing a lyric for you in my favorite song: “I remember, when I first saw you, the sky was so high. So you’re mine “. And you know, the sky was that high as the day I met you. It is said that lovers often say cheesy things. But for me, I have seen my world begin to expand ever since we had each other.

We are people who like the movement, accidentally we also have the same passion for eating. So when I meet you, I think I have found a suitable partner that makes every moment that is very happy and meaningful. The life of an adult is inherently a lot of sorrow but when walking next to you, all sadness seems to make way for smiles. Frankly speaking, there are quite a few countries that both of us have been to, many of street vendors that you and I have visited so many times and just recently we have been passing winter, spring and autumn, roaming many streets and roads together. We have got our memories and those memories are too much to count. You often joke me that I am an absent-minded person, so I find it as strange as just experiencing it for the first time. Even though the road had passed three times, it was still as new as the first time. So how to remember other things. It’s true that there are many things I quickly forget, the only thing I always remember is you and our memories. I still remember exactly the moment when I confessed to you in the middle of the night, I always remember the feeling of holding your hand striding in unfamiliar cities, remember the feeling with you silently inhaling the cold, cold skin but my heart is full of warmth. Those memories can not be written out of paper but it is still clear my head.

We have begun to love from the simplest, smallest things and together we go through the most important moments of life. Until now, when I decide something important, I do not think whether I could do it or not, there would be difficulties waiting for me ahead. The only thing I think is that whenever you are with me, everything is not the matter. And until now, after all the effort, I only want one thing, that is our love is as beautiful and burning as the first days. I know, you only have one wish as same as me So, we continue to live together in the “first days” like that, it must be very happy, darling…

From Olwen with love!