The prewedding of Hannes & Phi by Quốc Trần
Waiting for someone

The prewedding of Hannes & Phi by Quốc Trần

We are mature and I believe that waiting is also “growing” over time. Growing does not mean just growing forever but it’s the way we looking at a problem. It’s not the way we are purchasing someone who has left and still insisted: “ I still wait for you” and also stop choosing to wait in torment. Life is short, so I myself find happy in every choice. There are so many people who wonder whether to stay or leave or why do I have to wait while I’m not sure I will be accepted? But love does not have to wait until it is loved. For me, “waiting” is not really “waiting” but hoping for something that is not precarious. Because I see the best things present in you, you give me a safe feeling from the very first time we met which makes me believe that every tryst always has certain meanings.

I believe that waiting for something good, no matter what the result is, it would still give me a great memory. We go through together the whole time, If we are sacred and then we miss out, this life is just like a 0 number. I don’t like doing boring things and I believe you are not the type of person to live in sad memories forever. That motivates me to come back to find you again. I don’t know how much I would regret if I lost you in my life instead of being sacred of rejecting. And luckily, love always smiles to those who desire it and happiness always nods to those who are willing to pursue, ready to wait.

From Olwen with love!