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The Planners – Van Nguyen CEO: “we have a great responsibility when customers have faith in us and expect us to fulfill their dreams’’

The Planners – Van Nguyen CEO: “we have a great responsibility when customers have faith in us and expect us to fulfill their dreams’’

Nowadays young people tend to renew their weddings. It is not easy to renew something old that has lasted for years. Not everyone has a chance to take part in a fully emotional wedding.
Olwen has been listening from couples – Olwen’s customers- about their concerns when they plan their own weddings. We found that it is quite difficult for them to make an extremely meaningful wedding. Therefore, we have reached to Ms. Van Nguyen- CEO of The Planners. We hope we can help to answer questions for couples who are going to have a wedding soon. Now, let’s talk with Ms. Van Nguyen!

Van Nguyen – CEO of The Planners 

Hello Ms. Van Nguyen, first can you please introduce yourself and The Planners to everyone? 
Hello to Olwen and all readers. My name is Van Nguyen and I am the CEO of The Planners- a wedding company. The predecessor of The Planners was bythuongtran founded since 2010 by Ms. Thuong Tran – one of the first wedding planners in Vietnam. In 2013, after receiving Executive Master Certificate from Wedding Organization in France, I joined bythuongtran and took over the business. At that time, Ms. Thuong moved abroad to do another job. Until 2016, I realized that bythuongtran needed changing to be more suitable with the long-term strategies and objectives in the future so I decided to change its name from bythuongtran to The Planners. That was the time I officially owned the brand and became the CEO of The Planners. My company continued consulting, supporting couples and organizing professional weddings.

The Planners team 

So you have been working as a wedding planner for a long time, can you please share with us about your job?
A wedding planner is someone who helps couples with the planning, organization, and management of their wedding. Unlike other wedding companies in Vietnam, we provide customers with full services from the beginning until the end. I believe that a wedding planner is the best friend of bride and groom during the planning process. Wedding planners do everything for the sake of the couples including listening to their concerns, giving advice and protecting their rights during the organizing process.

Linh & Michael’s Wedding – Photo Kien’s Collection

Many people still mistakenly believe that wedding planning is wedding decoration so can you please help us to explain?
Wedding decoration is one thing in the checklist that wedding planners will consult and help customers to manage. Wedding decoration is just one step in the whole process. It is everything we have got you covered with all the info on wedding cake decoration, table ideas, venue decoration, flowers, wedding favors, decorative floral centrepieces and a whole lot more. Wedding planning is about other tasks such as making plans for the wedding, working with photographers, makeup artists, creating concepts, and many other things to make dream weddings come true.

Quynh & Andriy’s Wedding – Photo by KT. Mary Studio

In your opinion, what are the responsibilities of a wedding planner?
I personally think a wedding is an occasion that shows exactly characteristics and personalities of the bride and groom as a couple. It is an important milestone for the couple because since the moment they become wife and husband, they will make every decision together. I and my team are determined to make every wedding a real happy day, not just a normal traditional custom. It is our mission to make couples feel extremely happy when sharing the best moments with their beloved families and friends.

Linh & Mun’s Wedding – Photo by Hung Huk Studio

There is a popular trend for young people nowadays to renew their weddings by something different. Having an outdoor wedding has become more desirable. We know that The Planners has a lot of experience in organizing outdoor weddings, so can you please share with us about some outstanding features of an outdoor wedding?
Having an outdoor wedding is a change of young people’s mindset about organizing weddings. To be more precise, I realized that young people are having a tendency to hold intimate small weddings with less than 100 guests. Some people just invite about 50 to 70 guests who are the most important in their lives. Normally, an outdoor wedding includes 2 parts: ceremony and party. Before the ceremony, guests have some time to drink cocktail, get to know people and take pictures together. The advantage of outdoor weddings is the open space that makes everyone comfortable and very relaxed.

Tam & Patrick’s Wedding – Photo Indie Wedding Photography

Vietnamese people have some traditional wedding customs and I wonder if they have any effects on organizing an outdoor wedding?
In my opinion it is not really difficulty but those traditional wedding customs do impact our job. Actually young people tend to approach new trends better than previous generations. Having an outdoor wedding is normal in Western countries but it still seems to be very different from a Vietnamese traditional wedding. Usually there are about 300 to 400 guests in a Vietnamese wedding so it is quite difficult to organize an outdoor event with that number of people. Moreover sometimes there are some disagreements among bride, groom and parents over the wedding plan. In order to balance everyone’s needs, many couples of The Planners have 2 different wedding parties. One is a big party with a lot of guests who are friends and relatives from the two families. One is an intimate small party with some close friends and important people.

Milan & Hung’s Wedding – Photo Nathan Cha Photography

According to you, what is the most important factor to organize an outdoor wedding?
There are many steps to organize an outdoor wedding. However, I think that the most important thing is a detailed plan and some backup plans to handle unexpected bad weather. Unlike outdoor weddings, indoor events are quite unchangeable. For an outdoor wedding, weather can be friend or enemy that requires wedding planners like me to be well-prepared in every situation.

Thuong & Max – Jewish Wedding –  Photo by Aaron Joel Santos

So have you ever dealt with any awkward situation?
We have been so lucky not to have any accidents when organizing any indoor or outdoor weddings. As what I mentioned above, as long as we have a good plan with some professional backup everything will still be ok. Take the Botanical Wedding of Kelly and Kenny as an example. We planned to have an evening party outside but unfortunately it was cancelled due to an unexpected storm. We immediately changed the plan and moved the party to the Conference Hall in Naman Retreat. The party was still so perfect that people hardly realized that it was just a backup plan.

Botanical Wedding – Photo by: Hipster Wedding

In your opinion, what kind of wedding is considered successful?
I think that the definition of success is quite similar to both indoor and outdoor weddings. It is when the bride, groom and guests really enjoy every moment of the wedding.

Botanical Wedding – Photo by: Hipster Wedding

Every job is difficult. You have been working as a wedding planner for quite a long time, can you please share with us some difficulties that wedding planners may cope with?
There are many difficulties to work as a wedding planner but I think the biggest challenge is always renew myself. Me and my team desire to bring the best experiences and unforgettable memories for our customers. Every concept that The Planners creates for our customers is designed to show their characteristics and personalities. We constantly remind ourselves that we must always learn and update the newest trends to upgrade our brand. We want to make big difference in wedding decoration and programs as well.

Tam & Patrick’s Wedding – Photo Indie Wedding Photography

Nowadays there are many young people who want to pursuit a career in wedding planning. Can you please share with them about some requirements for being a wedding planner?
The most important thing that you need to keep in your mind is you must have great passion for this job. This job requires patience, consideration, understanding, creativity and being able to work under pressure. In recent years, it has been proved that event planning is in the fith most stressful job the the world (according to Forbes). You need to get clear about this job. It is not an easy job which is full of beauty and romance. Once you do choose it you will have a big responsibility to organize the most important event in someone’s life. When customers come to you, it means they give all their faith, hope and dream to you. Therefore, you always have to listen and understand customer needs and concerns to make their dreams come true. And do not forget to continue learning and renewing yourself everyday.

Botanical Wedding – Photo by: Hipster Wedding

We really appreciate your time and effort in sharing your valuable experience with us today. We wish you good health and happiness.


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