The pre – wedding of Linh & Jean by Nguyen Nho Toan
“The most long lasting love is to love yourself”

The pre – wedding of Linh & Jean by Nguyen Nho Toan

A few days ago while I was surfing Facebook, I saw a status of an old friend which was about thanking himself for being so strong and never abandoned himself during his darkest time. This made me think a lot. I wonder how many of us have ever said thank to ourselves and if we have been being good enough to ourselves. When we are in early 20s we let our emotions depend on other people. When we are over 25 years old, we are unsure about our futures and struggle with so many choices. We immerse in deadlines and pressure. We just feel guilty toward our boss and colleagues because of not completing our jobs. However we never feel sorry for ourselves because of getting stuck in a lot of difficulties and never realize how hard we tried. We assume that love between boys and girls is the most long lasting relationship, having a job is the most important thing, but turns out loving ourselves is the most enduring and essential. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humans have five categories of needs which are physiological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization. It is obvious that self-actualization is the most important. We should love ourselves before loving others. We should love ourselves in every circumstance even though sometimes it means to make other people disappointed.

From Olwen with love!